Child psychiatrist admonished for irregularities in an investigation of child sexual abuse

Lauantai 7.1.2012 klo 6:58 - Johannes Remy

A text in English on a Finnish child psychiatrist who was admonished for irregularities in an investigation of child sexual abuse. The admonition does not at all seem to have harmed her career. The text contains also information on the Helsinki police.

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Case of daycare home Hummingbird (Kolibri) and the investigation of child sexual abuse in Finland

Sunnuntai 18.9.2011 klo 19:22 - Johannes Remy

City of Helsinki has been buying daycare services at a private daycare home Hummingbird. For the parents, this means that they are entitled to the same subsidized rates as they would be in city daycare facility.  Hummingbird was recently closed, since its owner is suspected of child sexual abuse under aggravated circumstances. At first, it was announced only that the owner is under criminal investigation, but the public was not informed about what kind of crime was investigated. That is why the parents already organised protests against the closure of Hummingbird.

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